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We are working for a hunger and torture free, literate, medically well-treated state. We are working for such a human network of NGOs,concerned government establishments and organizations, which protect people from dying of hunger, illiteracy and medical maltreatment. Central and state government has enough funds to fight these problems but the problem is implementation of various projects mainly due to lack of government manpower and public awareness and negligence of government machinery.



To bridge the gap between the people, Government and NGOs we are producing specialized bulletins in television and print medium on education, medical and food security sector to fight against all kind of mishaps, mismanagements, ignorance and negligence. Through this portal you can also know about the organizations working in the respective sectors. We are launching a regular television bulletin focusing on the education sector, namely Education Next.This will not only focus on various government programs on education but also inform the students about the latest developments & happenings s in the education sector. Thus we will lunch shortly the specialized bulletins on food security and medical sector too.


Not only a vigilance team, each sector requires separate PUBLICITY AND AWARENESS CELL. Government should involve more NGOs and social workers for this and should tighten the vigilance on them too.

Central government should not limit their responsibility by only providing funds, yearly audit and surprise visit. Regular visit is much more fruitful as it will help the working departments to set new targets for each visit.

Our Appeal


    There is no regular or yearlong media campaigning on the problems of implementation of the programs & projects, neither in T.V. nor in print to serve the social purpose. They only publicize those mishaps & malfunctions, which have news value. Media should be more humanitarian in this concern.


    Most of the programs and projects are not running successfully due to the lack of vigilance, negligence and corruption on the government's part and these are also the causes of lack of awareness among the needy people about the programs, Lack of government manpower is also a reason of the failure. The new West Bengal government led by Trinamul Congress has created sixteen vigilance teams to fight against the corruption and malfunctions in food department. Such teams are also immensely necessary for the areas like literacy, 100-day job, and old age beneficiary programs.


    The time has crossed to take an iron step to minimize the population growth. But the ‘iron step’ must not be like ‘nasbandi’. The program must be flexible according to human needs and rites.
    In that condition we should think about a more flexible contraceptive system and women should be the deciding factor in this sensitive issue, as they know their health best and it will help in women empowerment too. Govt. should distribute monthly packs of women contraceptives through medicine shops; ration shops and monthly camps, free of cost to all married women. The street inhabitants of large cities also should be included in the program. There should be a special marking (record) in ration card of the beneficiaries (like voting marks) to keep an overall record of users and nonusers.
    As we all know to improve the socio economic condition and to increase the success rate of the different public development programs, the growth of population must be controlled and minimized. Only the ‘hum do hamare do’ slogan in T.V. and newspaper can’t make any big difference.